Luxembourg Feb2015
Look my Luxembourg’s first impression in winter as a magic place officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Amazing place without doubt between France , Belgium and Germany.
The Richest Country in the World with a very good organization, multicultural place, beautiful parks , beautiful people, its Weather with an average min -2 degrees Centigrade in Winter and a lovely 22 degrees Centigrade in Summer.The city views are changing every season and it is like explore 4 differents Luxembourg cities which  affecting your mood and style lives.
In my personal point of view one of the most beautiful places I have been living. I posted several picture from Luxembourg If you are interested for more gorgeous faces of Luxembourg click in my instagram page.  WuabbieINSTAGRAM

Do you know Luxembourg? Wich is your favorit place in the whole world? Please let me know your experiences and share with me.

Good Luck everyone!
Luxembourg Feb2015586d60_36357d6770854967b0d18cbcc186b604586d60_19cc0020fd454478a35eece1b05dd5eb586d60_88ac11896ca64b318a1a3f2e3d399a19586d60_805d178ef91c42fcbaf531cbfaf98eb1586d60_cd8f40774fc1429fa3dbc75a43f2fa9b


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