Fear of change

In 2011 I had the experience of my life, This helped me to grow up and be prepared for this magic adventure that now you going to know, I remember been very excited about start living alone and began my career with very very good job 10 hours far away from home town, The first and second month I stayed in an accommodation for student very closed from my job, so comfortable clean and safe sharing the flat with 3 girls, The flat was fully furnished, internet , kitchen with all bills included for 100 Euros very cheap if you compare with Dublin, Ireland for example, At the moment when I felt a quite sure about my job my roommate and I we looked up a new house, We moved on with only two beds , a table and 2 chairs, 6 months later my roommate was gone and I stayed alone for just 3 months then I fell in a very bad relationship for almost 3 months very destructive when finally I broken up I stayed again alone, But one months later my mom which she always had been teaching me how be independent, She was moved to my house now fully furnished, She was my roomate for more than 1 year and a half, She came back to home and I stayed in my home, At 4 years later to live “alone” I decided change everything , Not due to I was tired but because of I was thirsty of seen and live in other country and know what is in the other side of the world. Finally I sold everything and came here. Now I am able to said that I do not have fear of change and I have got this useful skill of management of changes.
Now here My top 5 about how you can have lack of fear of change:
1.- Be Free, Don’t mind If the people don’t like your plans , You must remember that you are free of decide what is the best for you even though  the  difficulty or it is in  other part of the planet. You are the best judged about your dreams, If you kill your dreams you will kill your progress.
2.- Planning, You need planning your dreams step by step in order to be realistic and know how many hours working are needed or how many money is needed, to travel for example you need know which your budget, holidays in your job, extra costs, etc… .
If you planning your dreams it will become in acts and you are going to  think about it every day in a positive way.
3.- Not stress, The stress in our live is became very common illness, A change in our lives is very stressful if you decided that will be, In order to delete the anxiety,  You should take down in a paper why for are you stressed for in bullet list , It is going to help you to plan the solution and take corrective action at the moment if it needed. If you don’t know the solution you always could go for a walk, run 3 km while listening your favorite music, take a bath, read a book, relaxing yourself and have the time to focus in the solution after finished, if you have a very good friends may be share the problem and as a team think in different alternatives.
4.-Act , Dreams are very powerful in ours lives, if you have fears, You will have difficulty to reach your dreams, fear is a very strong force in your body and mind.
Perform every point in your planner list and add a target date, If you don’t have a target date it will become difficult to track , When you will not accomplish the target   add  other target date and don’t delete the old one, it is a way to track how many time you was not be able to get it.
5.-Confidence, Everyday the media , friend, family, people in general  make this negative decrees without thinking or pointing about how the people looks, how the people dream, how the people is black,  white , red, brown, tall, small, big ,idiot, silly, foolish, European, American, Asiatic, etc.. You are unique and special wherever you are, that is the magic in  Charles Darwin book, the diversity in the species, the evolution, If you are different Congratulation you are in the correct way, it is very boring look like someone else. be different it is positive.
I have more point that how  is too easy life without regrets but I would like  that you can you share with me your own point of view, and your advices for all of us.
I hope you enjoy it, and change a bit your feelings concerning   the fear of change, Have a amazing day and  good luck!!
With love Wuabbie
 Leave me a comment…. have you ever been living alone in a different country?
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